Development of a Novel Thioxanthone Process

By Cerigo Published On: December 15, 2022 Categories: Business

Development of a Novel
Thioxanthone Process

Cerigo is consistently pursuing to add value to our offerings. One such endeavour is the development of a novel process to manufacture thioxanthones that leverages domestically available raw materials. Cerigo's R&D team has worked extensively to identify potential routes of synthesis to eliminates imports, but also remain highly cost effective.

The benefits of the novel process are far-reaching. By utilizing domestically available raw materials, Cerigo can reduce its dependence on foreign sources, which can be subject to geopolitical risks, fluctuating prices, and supply disruptions. This not only benefits Cerigo and our customer, but also supports the broader goal of strengthening domestic supply chains.

Cerigo's pursuit to leverage domestically available raw materials demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and supporting the local economy. By reducing our dependence on foreign sources and investing in local resources, Cerigo is taking an important step towards creating a more resilient and sustainable future for the chemical industry.

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