CP-100 Specification improvement

By Cerigo Published On: January 21, 2021 Categories: Business

CP-100 Specification improvement

Cerigo is always looking for ways to improve our products and stay ahead of the competition. One such initiative that has made a significant impact is the colour of CP-100 (coded for secrecy). This article discusses how an R&D initiative benefits the end-use applications and allows Cerigo to stay ahead of the competition.

The colour of an antimicrobial can affect its acceptability in various applications. For instance, colour is crucial in products made from plastics, textiles, and leather, where a product's visual appeal can influence consumer choices. In other industrial applications such as pigments, paints and coatings, colour plays a pivotal role in determining a raw materials suitability. Colour can also create a perception of quality and safety, albeit from a notional standpoint. Hence, such improvements provide a significant competitive advantage.

This initiative began by identifying the colour demands of the target applications. Based on the findings, we set new specification limits and explore various approaches to achieve them. A key area of intervention is the manufacturing processes where impurities or unwanted colouration is generated. This involves identifying contributing raw materials and refining the plant operations.

This R&D initiative has created value to Cerigo and our end-users. By setting targets, and exploring various approaches to execute, Cerigo has improved the product's acceptance and performance, expanded our market reach, and stayed ahead of our competition.

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